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  • stripes and sticks.

    12.13.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Man. Andy really needs to call up Ginette Lapalme. I’m feeling a kickin’ collaboration is in order!

    They could call themselves “Too Legit To Coolquitt.”

    Yes, I am available for hire. I also do band names for $5.


    • haha!! so awesome!

    • ABSOLUTELY! :)

    • Erin G.

      I need everything pictured!!! What raw material is making these patterns? It totally reminds me of winding yarn around wire hangers as like a Girl Scout project or something — you know, the kind of yarn that changes color every so many inches/feet? And I’ll keep you in mind for my next band naming dilemma…..

    • omg yes! it totally looks like that! :) wow!

    • I could do stripes (and polka dots) every day on every surface of my life! Love these.

    • hahahah me too! :)

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