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    01.18.2011 / myKind

    I’m still sending out daily cards to all of my former teachers (thank you, Jack Cards!), but in the mean time, I wanted to point you to an article I found useful: How to Write a Thank You Note.

    A few tips I’d like to add?:

    1. Carry small stationery in your purse/bag/car. You never know when a valet attendant, waitress or store clerk will go beyond the call of duty and deserve a tiny thank you.
    2. Go ahead; write in cursive. Even if you find your cursive handwriting lacking, a bit of formality is never a bad thing. (This is especially pertinent when thanking a job interviewer, colleague or associate.)
    3. Bend the rules. The important thing is that you’re acknowledging someone else, so throw the formula out the window. At a loss for words? Send a photo of you holding a giant “thank you” sign. They’ll get the drift, and you’ll feel creative.

    Happy thanking! Next up? An update on life list item #10: cliches!

    • I was thinking about doing this very thing last night. I think I will take this post as a sign and do it for sure :)

    • yes! you must!

    • Aw. How lovely that you’re sending cards to your teacher! I would absolutely ADORE for one of my past students to do that for me one day. You are such a dear, sweet lady! :)

    • oh thank you! i think its soooo important to give gratitude when due!

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