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  • thank you, sleep number!

    01.06.2011 / myKind

    While the Internet slept last week, Ken and I were hard at work on the house. Well, mostly Ken. I spent most of my time in my pajamas. But still. Progress.

    I’ll start off by saying I rang in the new year with a shiny new truck and a special delivery.

    You guys. I have never in my life had a grown-up mattress. In college, I slept on a trundle bed. Do you know what a trundle bed is? If you’re 8, you do. Because you sleep in one.

    Anyway, we ordered a King of All Kings from SleepNumber (the P7, to be exact) and I can’t wait to tell you what my number is. I have to sleep in it first, but when I do, no holding back. Bonus? The bed is massive enough that even George and Bernie could have their own numbers. Which they will.

    We’re still waiting for our bedding to arrive, and then a serious photo shoot will commence in our master bedroom. In the mean time, check out our radiant floor heating we installed in the master suite. A beaut, yes?

    p.s. We also managed to install our kitchen cabinets, finish the bathroom tile floors and DIY a fireplace mantle in our two week mini-vacation. We’ll fill you in on those projects soon, too. Stay tuned!

    • The bed definitely makes one feel like a grown up. I remember when I finally sprung for one. I’m a total princess now: great down pillow, extra awesome down duvet, memory foam topper… I take the little sleep I get very seriously!

      Your dogs are too cute! Congrats on making progress, it’s not easy.

    • thank you SO much! we just can’t wait to move in!

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