sponsored post: damn fine tea.

OK, so the name makes me giggle, but any tea drinker will attest that this tea is, indeed… pretty fine. Try Series 5, which includes The Mermaid’s Kiss, a scented Oolong tea from China. You’ll thank me.

Happy shopping!


  • Wow, from China. Just like everything else you guys sell. Free people- quite the oxymoron.

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  • Wow! amazing branding. If I saw this in the shops it would be the first thing I’d pick up. Intriguing and well executed. I’d totally buy it and then keep the package after I’ve used it all up.

  • Just want to say that your blog has become a good friend of mine.
    Incredibly inspirational. Thank you!
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  • @Gin, tea is grown in China. That’s simply one of the regions where it grows. The company isn’t from China, so I don’t see what the problem is.

    I think this is the best tea branding I’ve ever seen. Love the vintage tattoo feel!

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