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  • thoughts from the summit.

    01.24.2011 / myKind

    A few of you have emailed to ask me for a rundown on my Alt Summit panel, and actually, I can do better than that. How about a rundown on the entire conference? Yes? You’d love that? OK, good.

    I have a few notes on my favorite Alt moments/speeches/panels and will break them down for you over the next few days, along with some action steps I’d recommend you take immediately. Ready for the fun?:

    I actually missed the first panel, as I was busy playing faux-celebrity with Brian Patrick Flynn in a fun-filled HGTV photo shoot (photos to come, I’m sure!). And the second panel? I was busy speaking and missed those, too:

    [Image Credit: Alt Design Summit 2011]

    Advertising: Beyond the Banner (with myself, Liz Gumbinner and Maggie Mason) was full of helpful tips on brainstorming new ways to work with advertisers, sponsored content and corporate partnerships. I’ll share those tips tomorrow.

    [Image Credit: Alt Design Summit 2011]

    A few other panels I enjoyed? Emily, Grace and Joy speaking about ethics, etiquette and guidelines. Because the blog world is more like the Wild West when it comes to guidelines, it was great to hear from smart business women and how they navigate this online world with class. (Hint: Credit your photos. Always.)

    [Image Credit:Alt Design Summit 2011]

    Of course, the new crop of magazines were represented loud and clear in Meg, Crystal and Jess‘ panel. Lovely to hear how three different women foresee the world of publishing changing over the next decade, and how each are undoubtedly committed to their labors of love.

    [Image Credit:Alt Design Summit 2011]

    By far, my favorite speaker (and overall presence at the conference) was the uplifting, spirited Tina of Swissmiss fame. What a lady of class. I left feeling inspired and in awe with her tips to blogging success:

    1. Nobody can tell you what’s best for you.
    2. Surrounding yourself with smart people is key.
    3. Don’t just talk; do it. (If it fails, move on.)
    4. Be kind and generous. It comes back to you.
    5. Your enthusiasm and integrity are your biggest assets.
    6. It is possible.

    Amen, Tina. Amen. Tomorrow I’ll talk specifics and break down my segment of the advertising panel. Be ready!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Next year, I plan to be at Alt. I can’t wait to start connecting with such lovely people (like you!)

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    • love these words!

      thanks so much for sharing them.

      lovely greetings

    • you’re so welcome — thank you!

    • Erin, these words are on my blog with a link to you. Love them so much. Thanks again! Happy weekend!

    • I miss Alt!! What an amazing experience! You listed my fave sessions (although I didn’t get to the magazine one – it was hard to decide between the sessions :) I agree – Swiss Miss was so inspiring. I furiously wrote notes!

    • Erin, thank you for the lovely mention of my presentation. I wish we would have had more time to chat. Next time you’re in NYC, please come visit us at the studio! :)

    • Oh, you’re so sweet, Miss Tina. It’s a deal — I’ll swing by for the hugs alone!

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