my trip to new orleans.

I mentioned last week I’d fill you in on my New Orleans travels, but then I got sick. So here you go: a rough round-up from the depths of my memories…

The good folks at Rust-Oleum flew a few bloggers and media friends to New Orleans to debut a new collection of kitchen/bath countertop and cabinet transformations (which is awesome, btw). We spent two jam-packed days learning tons about the past, present and future of the company (fun fact: The founder almost named it Fish-Oleum!) and I was amaaazed at how much this company gives back. In fact, a few of us stayed an extra day to chip in and help build a house in the 9th Ward with Habitat for Humanity:

We worked, danced and hugged.

But let me back up. Because I’m forgetting the most important part:

You guys, New Orleans food is good. Really, really good. Also, they kept scales in the bathroom at our hotel, which is not recommended. Turns out New Orleans calories do count. Who knew?

Anyway, the real reason we were there was to learn about Transformations, which is so very cool. You can make over your entire kitchen (cabinets and countertops) for less than $500. In one weekend. I tested the kits myself in these cute little stations they created for us (with personalized smocks! Yes!) and fell in love. In fact, I’m going to make over my parents’ kitchen in a few months when my renovation is over. Stay tuned.

Fun times were had by all and I already miss those sweet, sweet Southerners. Trip review? Five gold, shiny, spray-painted stars.

All images courtesy of Rust-Oleum team. Thanks, friends!

  • hi love —

    are you asking what i wore in terms of fashion? or what i bought? i didnt get to shop a lot (ok at all) and didn’t do much fun-ing, BUT i did love our hotel (windsor court) and the different locations we hit for food (latrobes, mr b’s bistro and sucre!).

  • Hi Erin,
    I saw that you got to play with the Rustoleum stuff. Did you try doing countertops? I’ve known about Transformations for a while, but haven’t known anyone who’s tried it. We have been looking for an inexpensive way to update our kitchen counters. Does the final product look good? Thanks!

  • hi jeremy!

    i did do the countertops, yes! i was super impressed with the durability factor, and the product definitely looks good (we worked w/ onyx). the finish was more shiny (i’m a matte girl w/ my counters!) than i would’ve liked, but it’s still a FANTASTIC and affordable solution if you’re in need of a quick update.

    surprisingly easy to do and the results looked seamless. plus? its foolproof, which is a bonus if you’re not super handy.

    hope this helps — good luck on your makeover!

  • Oooh, I’m very, very excited about this cabinet transformation dealie, because I HATE our cabinets but assumed we’d never have the thousands of dollars it would require to redo them. Now, I’m going to have to put some thought into this …

  • Sounds wonderful. Isn’t New Orleans breathtaking? My darling boy and I vacationed there several years ago. The night-blooming jasmine and the totally relaxed vibe made me weep with joy.

    And how about that transformation kit? I am dying of curiosity! What’s it called? Is it available on the market now?

    Share girl friend, share!

  • Sounds like a great trip! I loved traveling to New Orleans, glad I live so close to it now! I still haven’t made the 5 hour drive though since I’ve lived here..maybe it’s time.

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