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    dark art.

    03.07.2011 / ART + DESIGN

    Leslie Shows’ art is super dark and moody, just right for this early morning. Also, I must have PMS (sorry, Dad and boy readers!), because this piece makes me want to cry.

    via: tell you (today)

    • What a wonderful piece.

    • so agreed!

    • Made me think of Dante–yes, dark. But gorgeous. Darkness out there–not inside.

    • Wow, beautiful. It’s dark, but the pops of color bring in an entirely new dimension to the piece. I love it. Also, whenever I visit, I’m still blown away by the redesign!

    • oh thank you so much, brittany!!!

    • paula

      oh, yes, dont worry, we ve all been there.
      last time, a deco magazine did just that to me, the colors :( and if s really bad, i could even cry for stuart little. yeah, go womanhood! ;)

      love ur blog!

      the painting, mesmerizing

    • oh yes, stuart little gets me every time!

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