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  • my renovation.

    03.09.2011 / myKind

    Gracious, I’ve been seriously slacking in keeping you guys updated on our massive renovation…

    Truth is, I’ve been traveling like a mad woman and living vicariously through Ken’s photo updates and last-minute, frantic “polished stainless or brushed nickel!” phone calls.

    Kidding. But definitely brushed nickel.

    Anyway, I’ve got a few sneak peeks coming up soon, including a super quirky DIY that you will love. I promise. You’ve probably never seen it before, so that’s a plus.

    In the mean time, head over to my HGTV.com column to see my bathroom, kitchen, fireplace mantle video and a fun DIY!

    • what a cool diy! and i adore your kitchen cabinetry. totally jealous.


    • thanks, lesley!! it’s been SUCH a long process!

    • Hey Erin! I checked out your photos…everything is looks gorgeous! Good work!

    • Sooo….will you be available to design other interiors in the future? :)

    • You’re house is gonna be amazing!

      you read my mind when it comes to bathrooms, but I’m a huge fan of just hanging out in bathrooms like a weirdo. So there we go.

    • thank you all!

      and the storialist — GLADLY! i love giving decorating advice!

    • We just finished building a house and part of me sees your renovations and thinks ‘thank goodness that is over for me’ and part of me thinks ‘ooh, that would be nice, maybe I could….’

    • it looks beautiful so far!

    • thanks so much!

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