I have jury duty today, and I’m equal parts excited (because jury duty sounds so adult-y, doesn’t it?) and preemptively bored.

Send me something entertaining to read when I return?


  • My day feels like this too!

    Here’s my joke for the day:

    So a pirate walks into a bar with a steering sticking out of his pants and the bartender says, Hey Pirate, you know you’ve got a steering wheeling sticking out of your pants? “The pirate says, “ARRRRR, I know and it’s driving me nuts!”

    I’m sure you’ve heard that joke a million times, but it STILL makes me giggle. ;-)

  • ooh i had jury duty last year and felt just the same way. with any luck you’ll be like me and get on a case that gets dismissed after a couple of days!

  • i actually got excused before they even called me in! it was sort of awesome, but i was so looking forward to wearing a cute little blazer. ;)

  • I really want to do jury duty, is that weird? But only if I get a juicy case and can wear non-prescription specs to look the part.

    p.s. what’s brown and sticky?

    a stick

  • HA! i love that joke, charlotte!

    and no, i totally totally wanted to do jury duty, too! didn’t get picked, but there’s always next time!

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