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    artist habits.

    04.26.2011 / ART + DESIGN, Favorites

    Wynde Dyer works on the floor, which automatically gives her 10 bonus awesome points in my rule book.


    p.s. I type with my eyes shut. What are your quirky work habits?

    • i use a utility knife instead of an exacto. seems to freak people out, but it’s what i had at my disposal in school and now i can’t get used to a smaller blade. as long as i stay accident-free, i suppose…..

    • You type with your eyes closed? Wow.

      I write standing up.

    • I recently noticed that I wear just one earbud a lot. Sort of feels like wearing mismatched shoes, but it seems to provide enough noise/chaos so that I end up focusing on my work.

    • omg these are so fun! i love hearing your quirks!

    • So great. I always have about eleven tabs open on my computer, music playing, keyboard tilted slightly and kitty on my lap.

    • erica

      I paint naked…or with very little clothes on.

    • i always said that design very simple and beautiful.because mostly people like very simple design.i also create always simple design.and from other people of advice that design always very simple be…….

    • I’m making some illustrations with coloring pencils and I always keep my favorite ones behind my ears… well, I actually don’t, but I’m doing it from now on, ok?

    • I tend to break the rule learned in middle school home ec.: Never put sharp objects in your mouth!!

      I hold my sewing needles–momentarily–between my teeth. A few days ago, my 8 year old nephew looked at me with such shock and love and warned, “Oh no, be careful!”

    • HA! you guys are AWESOME!!!!

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