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    04.14.2011 / myKind

    I’m in NOLA for a few days to speak at a conference (will I see you here?)* and am still nursing my flu. BUT, I couldn’t help but check in and thank you for your sweet wishes, cards and emails. You all are so nice, you know? To be honest, as sick as I feel, there’s something special about being sick in my own home. This renovation was tough on Ken and I both and we still have a bit to go, but overall? We’re in the home stretch and couldn’t be more thrilled.

    Back to the grind — I’ll report back next week! Guest posts are sure to knock your socks off tomorrow… !

    *No, I’m not a Mom. I don’t belong.

    • Oh! Have fun! Say hi to all the cool bloggers!

    • I’m so sorry you’re traveling on the sick. That’s not fun. But those boots are AWESOME and the scarf too, so that’s something, right?

    • love these boots :)

    • Only you can make sick somehow stylish. Feel better soon and have a wonderful trip!

    • thank you so much, friends! i feel 100 times better and am finally on the mend. i so appreciate your well wishes! :)

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