• MYkind: dance party.

    05.17.2011 / myKind

    I was in a slump yesterday, so I made you a dance party in hopes it would cheer us all up. Happy dancing!

    [song: the start of something / artist: voxtrot]

    • You, my dear, are amazing. And you have some sweet moves!

    • It worked. :)

    • ha — YAY!

    • you are too cute for words.

    • Dancing around the kitchen will always get me out of a slump. Love the giggle at the end. Looks like it worked for you.

    • HAHAH! This totally made up for all the yucky weather we’ve been having in my part of the world lately. You’re adorable.

    • it TOTALLY worked! i like to dance party daily to keep my spirits up. :)

    • This totally perked up my day. Totally.

    • You are adorable! That song used to by my husband’s ring tone so whenever I hear it I still think it’s the phone for a half-second.

    • I loved this! It made me not think about the rain.

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