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    05.02.2011 / myKind

    Because I still haven’t unpacked all of our boxes after our crazy month of April, I’ve been living on a few pairs of pants and the above tops for the last three weeks. And you know what? It feels fantastic. I’ve got the basic separates: plaid, stripes and solids — what more do I need?

    The truth? Very little. I’ve been accessorizing the same outfits in different ways and am surprised to see that I really don’t miss those extra boxes of clothes. As someone who rarely likes to wear the same outfit more than once (this is a terrible habit, I know), I thought it would be much harder to live with just ten items of clothes. But to be honest, it’s freeing.

    No more starting at a stuffed closet with “nothing to wear.” No more piles and piles of obscure laundry waiting to be washed. No more pings of guilt when I open my closet door to see items I haven’t donned in months.

    Living with less feels really good right now. I don’t know how long it will last, but I want it to stick for as long as it can. I’m considering this my challenge: to keep my extra clothes in those boxes as long as I can. I’ll keep you posted.

    • i love it! i recently downsized my closet as well, and have three boxes that are waiting for consignment. it really is very freeing, and so much easier to choose what to wear! :)

    • I like this – do you plan to keep it going and never look in the boxes, but slowly donate them one by one?

    • I agree that it would be quite freeing. Tempted to dump my drawers! This would be a great way to promote giving the unnecessary to those in need!

    • I totally agree, ladies! am toying w/ the idea of sticking to ten tops only and donate the rest. let’s see if i can do it!

    • I’ll take your extra clothes!!! xoxo

    • I have been wanting to severely downsize my wardrobe lately as well, especially after reading how much Americans spend as opposed to other countries and feeling quite sick about it. And after recently moving and realizing how much stuff I don’t use. Keeping it simple is a motto I think I need to adhere to from now on. Thanks for writing about this! I think it’s an important lesson to learn.

    • I love that I own two of the same tops you have in your 10. Proof that we are wonderful as friends :)

    • Maria

      This is great. I made it my resolution to not buy any clothes in 2011 and I’ve really stuck to it (minus a nice dress for a wedding I attended). Not only is it fun to be more creative with the outfits I put together, but it also makes my bank account happy!

    • oh yes — i love all of your money saving encouragement, friends!

    • love it. same here on narrowing down and accessorizing. less is so much more and you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to wear when they are fewer options!

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