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  • MYkind: a mission statement.

    06.10.2011 / myKind

    A few months ago, I wrote a post about how I was trashing my life list. It became joyless, and the second things become joyless for me, I’m out the door. (I’m also really good at quitting things. It’s both a blessing and a curse, trust me.)

    Anyway, a sweet reader emailed me a few minutes later, suggesting that I live by a mission statement, rather than a list. I loved that idea. A personal mission statement of sorts. Rings a bell, yes?

    So I came up with one. Presenting, a mission statement for my life, influence and career:

    I will encourage the discouraged. I will befriend the friendless, include the excluded and feed the creatively starved. I refuse to take life too seriously. At the same time, I will honor its weight. I will respect the time I am given. I will live a purposeful life. I will actively seek joy.  I will support. I will smile at strangers.

    I will smile at myself.

    Did I miss anything? Whats on your mission statement? Tell me, tell me!

    • Karen from Chookooloonks linked to this post as part of her Pathfinders course (that I’m waaaay behind on). But I have to say I really LOVE that mission statement, and if I had to write one for myself I don’t know that I could have done any better! Thank you…

    • awww you are so sweet. and i LOVE karen! i’ll bet that’s the best course EVER. :)

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