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    07.13.2011 / columns

    Dudes. Spiders freak me out like none other. I mean, really… how can they possibly use all of those legs for good? (They can’t. They’re creepy, creepy little creatures.) Anyway, I’m seeing them in everything. Weird. But I like it.

    [a]. Spider Table at J.F. Chen
    [b]. ‘Web’ Cafe Chair ($150) at Life Interiors
    [c]. Fancy Treehouse Dress ($80) at ModCloth
    [d]. Autoban Spider Lighting ($695) at Zinc Details
    [e]. Gerard Caris Art
    [f]. Mini Summit Necklace ($55) at Cursive Design
    [g]. Crochet Round Pillow ($34) at Urban Outfitters

    • What a cool collection of objects! That first table… don’t know if I could handle that in my house, haha! I was looking at the dress as my reception dress, but I’ve decided on another :)

    • ha — i know! that table is SUPER creepy :)

    • Love that pillow and the chair.. Great finds!

    • I’m with Brittany on the table. Spide-legs = scary. I do love that theater dress though. My sister and I have been eyeing it! :)

    • Not going to lie, the minute I read “the spider” I screamed (in my head) and scrolled back up… then I slowly scrolled down to have a peak. I love the web look in clothes or that pillow but that table and lamp creep me out! Very neat observation though.

    • ha — i know! they’re super creepy!

    • spiders freak me out too – one of the first things my husband told me when we found out we are moving to okinawa was “you know, there are huge poisonous spiders there. and sea snakes too.”

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