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    07.29.2011 / Miscellaneous

    My inspiration folder is bursting at the seams. Here are a few links to share and share alike!:

    1. Scott Albrecht’s recent installation Along The Way looked simply fantastic.
    2. What was once a men’s tie is now a DIY planter. I’m amazed.
    3. A spray-painted radio: Proof that spray paint should win a Nobel someday.
    4. These polka dot glasses are adorable, yes?
    5. Belinda’s new fabrics are full of charming awesome. (Bonus? They’re crazy affordable.)
    6. Mandy Besek crafts a crocheted spike necklace. Eek!

    Happy weekend, friends!

    • Along the way did look fantastic…”perfect in our imperfections” I need to hang that one up! And those planter ties…some people are so darn creative! Enjoy your weekend.

    • Belinda is pretty much a genius and I love everything she does :)

    • i couldn’t agree more! :)

    • Haha! That crocheted necklace is to die for! You should totally model that :)

    • ha — i SO would! :)

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