• floral photogrpahy

  • floral photography

  • flower photography

  • floral photographs.

    07.12.2011 / Miscellaneous

    I’m not sure, but it looks like Bryan stuck a bouquet of flowers under a hairdryer. Clearly, the result is way more awesome than if he would’ve put ’em in a vase.

    There’s a lesson somewhere in there, I’m sure.


    • Those are the most violent flowers I’ve ever seen.

    • the lesson for people who wear contact lenses (i do) would be – get your goggles. cool photos!

    • These made me smile.

    • LOVE! amazing .

    • im loving these photographs, its an amazing sequence. Thanks for posting.

    • totally cool, right??? :)

    • Whoahhahaoa ! That is an attempt to express utter amazement.

    • How clever. I really like them. You always show really interesting visuals here. By the way I’m asking a few people about artist run spaces in the states. I ask the question in more detail on my blog, but I thought I would ask you here cause you might know. Hope you have a nice day.

    • @sundari — can you give some detail? i’d be glad to help!

    • Wow. The juxtaposition of an unseen destructive force and the flowers is cool (and slightly disturbing).

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