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  • MYkind: today’s outfit.

    07.14.2011 / myKind

    I am, indeed, wearing an orange suede blazer. Jealous?

    This is what I wore to the library the other day. Cut-off jean shorts and blazers are perfectly studious in my mind.

    Also? Heels.

    [Blouse: Lulu’s, Blazer: Yo Vintage, Cut-offs: Husband’s, Nude heels: Payless, Sunnies: Target, Cocktail ring: Alameda Flea Market, Necklaces: Libby Story and Target, Photo: Betsy King]


    • Orange suede blazer! I mean, does it get any better than that? Ever?

    • What an adorable ensemble! Could those cut offs look any more flattering on you??

    • thank you so much friends!!! :)

    • This outfit screams studiousness to me. I mean, what better way to scan the Dewey decimal than in an orange, suede blazer. Super swoon.

    • ha — amen! :)

    • Way to rock this outfit! Playful and sexy at the same time. You — and your legs — look amazing! (Can’t believe those shoes are Payless…)

    • oh thank you! and gosh, i know. payless stepped it up a notch this year!

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