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  • summer bike ride sunset

  • MYkind: today’s photo(s!).

    07.05.2011 / myKind

    Summer is here and it’s officially bike season. I’ve been riding my trusty beach cruiser (in mint green!) for nearly four years now, but Ken has never been so lucky.

    Until Public Bikes offered him his very own bike to try a few weeks ago. It arrived in tip-top shape and is the cutest thing in the entire world.

    Seriously. I think I fell in love with this dude all over again. Thanks, Public!


    • Pics look so cool! Did you use an iphone app or certain photo filter on them?

    • So adorable. I love these pictures, and I’m so glad you’ve continued to post images regularly.

    • Lovely photos – they make everything look like it came right out of a dream.

    • <3 delighted with each pic!~

    • You two are TOO cute!

    • Yay for summer days!!!!! Can’t wait for B&B!!!!!!

    • how do you like the Public bike? I have been wanting one but wish I could give it a test ride first….

    • Fun! We’re saving up our money for Public Bikes! They are so cool!

    • @amy – i LOVE the public bike. ken let me give it a go myself and it rides super smooth, plus its adorably hip. highly recommend!

    • @erin – its instagram on my iphone. the filter is “toaster.” :)

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