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    MYkind: what i learned while teaching.

    07.01.2011 / WORK

    Both of my parents are retired teachers, and to be honest, I never ever expected to follow in their footsteps. Yet after saying “Yes!” to leading a workshop in Portland last week, I will announce: I am 100% addicted to teaching others.

    There were hiccups. My confidence was shaky and my sensitivity came out in all the wrong places. But wow. I learned a lot. I learned that I really can rely on myself and myself alone. I learned that I’m stronger than I imagined. I learned that when things around you become chaotic and you feel the world is crumbling, your soul sings a lullaby. It’s inherent. I think that’s what it’s there for.

    I learned that something magical happens when you group together 20 inspiring women. I learned that community is inevitable. I learned that energy is contagious. I found that taking the high road is always, always the best decision in life.

    I learned that I want to do this for the rest of my life. I learned that investing in others financially, emotionally, spiritually, creatively and academically is my calling. I learned that I can do this.

    I learned that I will do this.

    I’ll be leading another creativity course (albeit a different format!) in San Francisco next month. I’d love for you to be there to be a part of the amazing, life-changing experience that is grouping together like-minded strangers and storming the castle of awesome.

    Please come. I’ll meet you there.

    • Yay for this post and all the lessons learned!

      Boo that you are leaving again next month though! How ever will I get by? I just might have to stow away with you!

    • I’m so glad it was such a success…I knew it would be :)

    • thanks friends. :)

    • yay! we’re excited to have you in San Fran! you are a great teacher!

    • thanks katy love. :)

    • you are adorbs. lots of people (ahem…me) learn from you daily, sweet girl. so glad you’re exploring this new calling. wish i was in san fran! ox

    • oh i wish, too!

    • If I can afford to get up to SF (which I need to do anyways)… think one of your sponsors might sponsor me to be in your class? Or work something out with RUE? This needs to happen, lady.

      Also, you’re awesome.

    • oh you are sweet. :)

    • *cough* TEXAS *cough*

      {subliminal hint}

      There is nothing like teaching – and the best ones, like you have discovered, learn as much as they are teaching. xo

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