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So many goodies on the web this week! Here are a few faves:

1. One of my favorite Canadian mags, OCW, just launched another issue! Whee!
2. Did you catch Little Paper Plane’s large format print release this week? The only thing better than art is massive art.
3. Hammocks & High Tea’s newest Hammam tote is begging to take a ride on my shoulder.
4. In case you missed my Tweet, I Wish This Was is by far the most compelling neighborhood installation I’ve seen this year. [Thanks for the tip, Etsy!] 5. Matt Moore’s latest gallery work is insanely graphic, bold and colorful. Plus awesome.
6. Vintage Seekers sells airstreams online? Who knew?

p.s. I’m speaking at Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in San Fran today and tomorrow. Come say hello!

  • These are all so lovely! I look forward to browsing through them. Thank you for sharing. Every day I check your blog and am inpsired by all the beautiful things you find and make.

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