cheers to a cool project.

Dudes. The more I travel around the country talking about creativity, brands and entrepreneurship, the happier I get when I’m introduced to new ideas and trends. So naturally, when I was approached by Cheer with the anticipation of a crazy social media project, I jumped at the chance to be involved…

The idea was simple: Cheer would partner with Australian band Strange Talk in producing a music video utilizing groundbreaking technology (which you can read about here on Mashable) allowing viewers to click on the video and win products from the actual shoot. By clicking on colorful items they “dig” in the video, they’ll then “get” that item courtesy of Cheer. The “Dig It, Get It” video event will include the giveaway of over 10,000 complimentary items while supplies last each day until August 29th.

I was lucky enough to receive a giant box of the goods (iPods, colorful leggings, scarves and RayBans!) and will be giving away some awesome stuff over on Facebook today.

But that’s not entirely why I’m writing.  And rather than simply point you into the direction of giveaways, stuff and links, I want to encourage you to use this as a challenge to do something wild with your own business, blog or shoppe. Dream big. Think large. And use social media for the very best that it can be.

A huge thanks to Cheer for celebrating the beauty of color and creativity. Be sure to watch the video for a bright and shiny pick-me-up!


  • Dudette!

    What a super cool project! What fun it must be to be involved in possibly life changing technology. Steve Job’s out, Dudette in! Keep us posted.

  • super! thanks for keeping me updated on cool. and thanks to this jazzy music I’m all inspired to move my cool self and am stepping away from my computer, putting on my running shoes and headed out for a cooool run! you’re awesome Erin! Thanks! *a

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