• black romper leopard shirt

    black romper leopard shirt

  • black romper

    black romper

  • black romper

    black romper

  • erin loechner

    erin loechner

  • black romper cameo necklace

    black romper cameo necklace

  • MYkind: today’s outfit.

    08.08.2011 / myKind

    Hello, conference attire. Let’s do this.

    [Blouse: Libby Story, Romper: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Simply Vera at Kohl’s, Vintage Cameo Necklace: Flea Market Find, Turban: Target]

    I’ve been in San Fran attending conferences and teaching classes nonstop. And because I’m here for eight days with just a carry-on, monochromatic is the name of the game.

    Black, white, solids, patterns. Done. Also, hello! I miss you.


    • Katie Malone

      Erin , Adorable. I hope you are enjoying my lovely city. Isnt great?

    • You make black and white so colorful :).

    • awww thank you!

      and yes, katie – your city is lovely!

    • absolutely darling! Black and white are your colors, who knew?

    • dressperado

      I love your style. You dress like I’d like to — unique, stylish, sassy, well put together yet feminine. I’m probably too short to pull it off. I look forward to more of your outfit posts. :-)

    • thank you! and oh i’m sure you’re not too short! :)

    • I adore the necklace! Where did you find it?

    • thank you! its a flea market find! :)

    • I want to have a FAVORITE button for every time you post an outfit. You are my fave, your outfits are my fave, everything about your blog is my fave.

      The end.

    • oh you are too sweet.

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