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    09.06.2011 / things

    Today’s a super special day for one of my good bloggin’ lady friends, so let’s band together and celebrate the official release of the D*S book, yes? Grace sent over a few images from the book that you readers might love best, and I must say… boy does she know us DFM-ers.

    Congrats, Grace! And you can find out all about the above homes (and much more!) in Design*Sponge at Home.


    • I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!!! Grace really knocked this one outta the park!

    • thank you so much, erin! xoxo

    • Gorgeous, gorgeous images. I must by this book as a gift for a friend of mine, who would love it. And for myself of course. :)

    • Yay Grace! I can’t wait to pick up a copy.

      And, i LOVE that scandinavian kitchen. So hot.

    • yay! i can’t wait either. :)

    • I wonder why it’s listed as “Item Under Review” on Amazon. Any info?

    • it looks ok on my end, amy — are you still having a problem purchasing?

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