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  • MYkind: today’s outfit.

    10.25.2011 / myKind

    erin loechner

    I’m determined to get dressed more often. This working-from-home thing is amazing, yes, but I find that when working-from-a-home-that-you’re-renovating, it’s far too easy to don sweatpants daily. (Not that I didn’t don sweatpants when I wasn’t renovating – let’s be honest.)

    erin loechner

    So today, I got freshened up and ran errands in the coziest thermal I ever owned (thanks for sending, Curator!). Paired with a leather skirt and my new Seychelles heels, I felt like the cutest renovator in the world.

    Clearly, George did, as well. Isn’t he the sweetest prop?

    • thank you!!!

    • Know the feeling. My husband now asks..”So, do you think you will get dressed this week?” Love the dog! (And the clothes, but let’s face it, cute dogs pretty much steal the show)

    • hahah thanks, samantha!

    • Aww you and your dog look so good together! I really like your outfit , it can feel so nice to freshen up xx

    • I’m dying over here! This is the cutest ever. Makes me even more desperate for a puppy friend!

    • aww thank you! :)

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