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  • MYkind: today’s outfit.

    10.25.2011 / myKind

    erin loechner

    I’m determined to get dressed more often. This working-from-home thing is amazing, yes, but I find that when working-from-a-home-that-you’re-renovating, it’s far too easy to don sweatpants daily. (Not that I didn’t don sweatpants when I wasn’t renovating – let’s be honest.)

    erin loechner

    So today, I got freshened up and ran errands in the coziest thermal I ever owned (thanks for sending, Curator!). Paired with a leather skirt and my new Seychelles heels, I felt like the cutest renovator in the world.

    Clearly, George did, as well. Isn’t he the sweetest prop?

    • very fall-y! and i agree… you feel like a different person when you actually get ready for the day, although there’s something to be said about rolling around in your sweatpants all day :)

    • They are the BEST shoes ever! Love the outfit, and the prop is adorable.

    • Stop. It. He’s like a big, fluffy teddy bear. Can’t you please bring him down to visit me? And also, of course, you visit me. Not only George.

    • thank you! :)

    • loving that leather skirt…esp with those cute shoes :)

      xo, juliette

    • This is just too much! Has anyone ever told you y’all look alike? :) (a compliment to both of you)

    • aww you are SWEET! :)

    • DANA

      I love-love ur George! Well, you & ken too… miss u guys. By the way, definitely frameable pic.

    • @dana thank you! :)

    • You look lovely, and he is adorable!! I absolutely love those shoes, and your skirt is amazing.

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