• graphic design trends

    graphic design trends

  • graphic trends.

    12.02.2011 / Miscellaneous

    graphic design trends

    This week’s graphic trend? A personal favorite of mine: double exposure!:

    1. Swoone
    2. Elif Karakoc
    3. Our Long Nights (via My Modern Met)
    4. Andre de Freitas (via Zouch)
    5. Olivier Morris (via Trendland)
    6. Fubiz

    Graphic Trends is a weekly guest series from Cassie Pyle.

    • Mark Joseph

      Nice, Illustration / Portrait #2 is perfect….

    • I also love double exposure. It’s one of the things my husband does for fun with his camera. He takes a bunch of pics in his Lomo and then rewinds and takes again. These pics seem very planned, but with his method, you never knew what you’d get. Every now and then one print would be just brilliant, and it was more incredible because it was entirely random. Nice post!

    • I love these!!!! I must try it out myself. So beautiful, and you can capture so many different things in one frame.

    • I love these!!! I seriously want to learn.

    • amber – that is such an amazing concept!!!

    • Beautiful! I love 1 and 3. Crossing my fingers that Santa brings me the camera that I have my eye on :)

    • […] p.s. Just for fun: more double exposure images. […]

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