• plaster art from peter cales

    plaster art from peter cales

  • peter cales.

    12.05.2011 / people

    plaster art from peter cales

    I got to see Peter’s work in person this weekend, and my GRACIOUS, this plaster art (ok and ALL of Peter’s work) is 100% amazing. Also related? Omaha just might be my new favorite city in the U.S.


    • So cool! I love his work and I am so excited to see it featured here. Omaha loves you right back!

    • Yeah, Peter! His work is amazing and so is he. Erin, we loved having you in Omaha. Come back again soon.

    • Photo by the fabulous Ms. Dana Damewood, also featured in HOME! http://www.danadamewood.com/

    • My favorite piece was the wooden table. I just put up my holiday tree and hung half a dozen wooden ornaments a la Cales. Such a talent!

    • Thanks for visiting Omaha, Erin! Glad you got to see the talents the likes of Peter Cales. I have one of his first creations and am proud to say so!

    • Congrats Peter!

      You are an amazing artist we are so lucky to have you here in Omaha!

      It was great to meet you this weekend Erin!

    • Peter is truly an “artiste” . Love his creative angle on furniture making. Great to meet you Erin!

    • darn right, Peter is AMAZING!

    • Gorgeoussssss!! I wish there was 100 different versions of these cuties to look at!!!

    • oh man i love the omaha community so much! :)

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