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    MYkind: 2012 non-goals.

    01.04.2012 / ARCHIVES

    girl and hanger

    Every year, I sit down and make two lists: the goals and the non-goals. The goal list is obvious: things I’d love to change about my current self, routine or surroundings; things I’d love to incorporate to strive for betterment. Yet the non-goal list? That’s a bit more complex.

    Non-goals are action items that I’ve already put into practice, or things about myself that I want to stay the same this year. It’s my way of praising the good habits I’ve formed over a lifetime, or maybe just over the past few weeks. Either way, I find that it’s so important to balance change with stability, especially stability in the things you love about yourself. And it’s dually important to praise yourself and embrace your positives, yes? Here we go — my 2012 non-goals:

    1. You’re working really, really hard taking care of yourself. Keep it up (especially those leafy greens and evening yoga!).
    2. Your marriage is a huge priority. I love that about you.
    3. Last year, you managed to juggle a billion different things. Well done. Feel free to slow it down this year (if you want!); you deserve it.
    4. Keep protecting yourself from influences that don’t have your best interest in mind. Follow that intuition.
    5. Great job doing things that scare you last year. Keep raising your hand and saying “Yes!”
    6. You’re committed to sharing unique things that raise your eyebrows daily. Don’t stop!
    7. Good job saving money and curbing impulse spending in the past few months. It’ll pay off; I promise!
    8. The house is looking cozy and beautiful; keep working hard on those last few renovations.

    Happy New Year, friends – let’s keep being ourselves in the best way we know how.
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    • P.S. I’m with you on the intuition. When I follow that and fly my own freak flag to feel genuine, things just seem to click in to place. ;)

    • i love this! i’m totally making a non-goal list this year! and i love that you actually wrote them as though you were praising yourself. it really makes you give yourself positive reinforcement :)

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    • Alison M

      Love this post! What a brilliant idea and what lovely words you use to praise yourself. Have been in a big worthiness slump due to house renovations cost and timeline overruns (sucks having people traipsing through your house all day when you have introvert tendencies!). Think I will have to try this…

      (Elise Blaha linked to your blog about working with your husband and I am following your popular posts trail… :-))

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