• graphic design trends handwriting

    graphic design trends handwriting

  • graphic trends.

    02.03.2012 / Miscellaneous

    graphic design trends handwriting

    This week’s graphic design trend? All things handwritten! Enjoy…

    1. Katrina Regino
    2. Sarah Watson Illustration (via Brooklyn Bride)
    3. Mucca
    4. Jamie Oliver “Something for the Weekend” at The Book Cover Archive

    Graphic Trends is a weekly guest series from Cassie Pyle.

    • *Love, love, love this post! …..{Well, your whole entire blog} Anything typographic is right up my alley & I so enjoy Sarah Watson’s ‘Ricardo’ lettering!
      Happy Weekend!

      P.S. The horizonal tree series in the previous post are pure genius and equally stellar!!!

    • handwritten typography makes me swoon. like, sa-woon. thanks for the post, erin!

    • Love, love, love it all! Hope you’ve been feeling great!

    • Love this! When things are handwritten, it feels like a special piece of art. I am going to tell my friend Linds { http://www.lindsayletters.com } she is right on trend : )

    • thanks so much, ladies – i’m so glad you love cassie’s series! :)

    • love the hand made, hand written trend! very authentic and cool.

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