• james nares painting

    james nares painting

  • james nares.

    02.01.2012 / people

    james nares painting

    James creates beautiful work by suspending himself in the air while he paints. His set-up is nothing short of dedicated, and the result? Check out this round-up of rooms featuring James Nares’ art. Gorgeous!


    • Beautiful! I actually thought it was paint splashing down at first. That’s talent.

    • Not sure if I like the process or the product more with this artist. Pretty incredible. I may be influenced by his method of painting, but his work reminds me of the silk aerial dancers use. Love it!

    • omg you are spot on – silk aerial dancers for sure!

    • I’m crazy about his art. I especially love the big, broad strokes combined with the very small paint drip lines – such an interesting combination. It looks like fun doing it too…unless it’s right after lunch, then maybe not!

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