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    04.19.2012 / Miscellaneous



    I really can’t get enough of botanical blogs, and this week’s floral bookmarkables delight and inspire in the most natural way!

    1. Tigers to Lilies – where L.A. florist, Lili,  gives us a glimpse into her world of botanic wonders and shares her favorite inspirations. Lili works some serious magic with wildflowers.

    2. Tokyo DIY Gardening  will totally inspire and inform your urban gardening. Neatly laid out categories, from rooftops gardens to the floral beautification of Tokyo’s public restrooms, will greet you upon arrival.

    3.  Floret, organic flower farm and design studio, is run by Erin and family, just north of Seattle.  Family life on a farm never looked so pretty as in these dreamy photographs.

    4. Brooklyn’s Fox Fodder Farm is a blooming treasure. I especially love the outtakes from Taylor’s piece in Wilder Quarterly on how to craft a hanging string garden. Yes, there’s a tutorial for you!  (image by Rory Gunderson)

    May your thumbs grow greener, may your shears enjoy clipping at the wildness that abounds, and may your plant vessels be filled forever. Happy Thursday!

    • Gardening is my anti-stress activity although it sometimes ruins my manicure!

    • kristengregg

      which then justifies another manicure, so more stress reduction. love it, Gertrude!

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