• plumberry color

    plumberry color

  • color of the week: plumberry.

    04.16.2012 / columns

    plumberry color

    Vibrant and happy, plumberry is showing up everywhere – from runway to retail. Such a bright shade to be reckoned with!:

    1. Pelican chair ($6200) at DWR
    2. Koziol vase ($19) at Gifts With Style
    3. V-neck jersey tee ($70) at Reiss
    4. Garden pouf ($295) at Qui Est Paul
    5. Purple ankle wedge boot ($550) at My Wardrobe
    6. High-low skirt ($35) at Delia’s
    7. Purple backpack ($65) at Zappos

    • I love this color! The chair is amazing. Too bad it’s so expensive…

    • Oh that skirt! and $35! really?!

    • Yes! I love this color. It looks good on everyone and is feminine but not too much so. I am especially into the high-low skirt from Delia’s. I should note that Delia’s is a teenaged girl’s store and I’m 31, but I’ll probably buy it anyway. No shame.

      • @susan – ha! i shopped at delia’s until like, last year. ;) no shame over here!

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