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    madsen cycles: the family bike.

    04.27.2012 / ARCHIVES

    madsen cycles - bikes for families

    Bike season is in full swing here in the Midwest, and how adorable are these family-friendly bikes from Madsen Cycles? Tote your dogs, kids, groceries and more – in style, no less! (How cute is that baby blue color?)

    madsen cycles - bikes for families

    Purchase black, blue, pink or yellow designs for $1250 (eek!) and up at Madsen Cycles.

    p.s. You have just a few more hours to enter our Land of Nod giveaway; I’ll be announcing our lucky winner at 1pm EST!

    • So cute! I love love love that baby blue! :)

    • I have one of these and I LOVE it!!!!

    • @Maddy OMG really? So jealous right now! :)

    • LOVE the bike. If only they could do something about the price!

    • @Audrey – Ha, I thought the same thing. Maybe we can just attach a bin to the back of ours? It’s the same thing, right? ;)

    • I have one too! I know, I know, the price is SHOCKING. But really when I added up the cost of getting a new nice bicycle (sometimes upwards of 1,000 for a nice one) and a baby seat, I thought it would be better to just get a Madsen! We’ve had it for almost a year now, and no complaints, it has been amazing! I use it practically everyday, can’t wait to add more kids to it!

      I never did a formal review, but I have some cute pictures from last Halloween using the bike on my blog:

      Cannot recommend it enough!


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