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    04.12.2012 / myKind

    pregnant style

    Oh, midi skirts. You have been saving me for the past four weeks. Not only do you have a nice, forgiving waistline for the massive expansion that’s happening over here, but you’ve been so sweet to offer coverage, as well. That’s right! I can bend over and not reveal which day of the week it is! (That’s an inside joke for my mother, b/c I used to love my days of the week underwear, and gosh, I’d still don them if I could promise myself to do laundry every 7 days…)

    pregnant style

    Anyway, I’m going to talk about pregnancy weight gain a bit, OK? I’m quite sure every pregnant gal is different, but for me? The second that stick showed a plus sign, my boobs started morphing into someone else’s. They are massive, and getting dressed requires a ridiculous amount of upstairs support. My hips are also in full birthing position, ready to roar. I don’t know why they decided to prepare themselves so early, but I’m sure I’ll be thanking them profusely in the delivery room.

    pregnant style

    I’m 25 weeks now (although this photo was taken at like, 21, because I’m a tardy blogger), and although my feet aren’t swelling, my face is. Which is unfortunate for someone who already has above-average cheek action. All of this is to say that it’s crazy natural to want to pause the body clock and yell “Stop with the changes! I’m changed out!”

    But then you remember that there’s this tiny you inside, and it can’t help but grow bigger, rounder and larger. And that is a beautiful routine. Grow, grow, grow, little one, and I’ll do my best to make room for you – one stretch mark at a time.


    • I loved day of the week underwear too. Do they sell them in ladies sizes? HRMMMMM…. Ps. you look lovely! <3

    • Not only are you looking stunning, my dear, but the way you’ve paired a great pregnancy fashion post with the inner monologue that EVERY pregnant woman experiences about the changes our bodies endure…perfection. Subtle, impressive perfection. xoxo

    • Aww, thank you sweet Jess!!!

    • Love that skirt Erin! You look sooo cute. As always.

    • I am 18 weeks this week and just getting to the point that pants are too tight, skirts are too short and my boobs are too huge. It’s been a “too too” week over here, so I completely understand… and it helps to remember that you are growing a little one… Loving the bright colors! J

    • after having a baby and watching the moms in my local moms group go through the same things (weight gain, huge boobs, plump faces) I’ve grown to love that transformation because it’s a constant reminder of the amazingly awesome thing that’s happening inside. wow. you look fantastic. I agree with Jess! all the best to you and your growing family.

    • @paige — oh yes – 18 weeks was such a transformative time for me, too! hang in there. ;)

    • @erinn thank you SO much, errin! it’s so great to hear such encouraging words, and you’re right – it’s a beautiful process full of gratitude!

    • You really look beautiful Erin!!

    • @iris thank you!

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