• five favorite free fonts, typo graphic by kelsey cronkhite

    five favorite free fonts

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    05.25.2012 / Miscellaneous

    five favorite free fonts, typo graphic by kelsey cronkhite

    Who doesn’t love a good freebie? This week I’ve rounded up five of my favorite free fonts from around the web.

    1. MUSEO SANS. This has to be my number one favorite free typeface, as it’s seriously versatile. It works for display type as well as body copy, and even translates into the web. I use it all over¬†my blog; it’s tried and true!

    2. LAVENDERIA. This is a fun little script typeface brought to you by a favorite source of mine for free typography, Lost Type Co.

    3. BLANCH. It always comes in handy to have a typeface to use when it’s a tight squeeze. Also by Lost Type Co., Blanch is a little quirky and fun, but definitely still serious.

    4. SINA NOVA. This traditional serif typeface is a little more fun and modern than your standard Times. This is available for free in it’s regular weight, and would be great for body copy on a more traditional piece.

    5. SILVER FAKE. Who doesn’t love a good wood-type revival? This typeface works in the opposite direction as Blanch, and fits into places that are more wide than they are tall. It’s a great display type for when you feel a little retro. Watch your kerning¬†(type-nerd speak for the space between each letter) on this one though folks!

    I hope that you enjoyed this round-up! Do you have any favorite free typefaces that you use?

    • Thanks for sharing! This is a great resource. (I’ve got it bookmarked now). I’m a new blogger and it’s so fun to experiment with fonts and other aspects of blog design. I’m still learning and trying to find my blogging style so resources like this are especially helpful, and, of course, you gotta love the freebies.

      Hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

      • I agree – I love this post so much! What a valuable resource Kelsey is! :)

    • […] I think I have a nice treat for you all. Over at Design for Mankind, I’ve rounded up my five favorite free fonts for my column Typo Graphic! Head on over there to check out exactly why these beauts made my list […]

    • Oh thank you for sharing!

    • You’re so welcome guys! If you like this, I’ll try to fill this column with more tips and tricks for the budding typographer. Glad you’re enjoying the roundup :) Happy weekend to you too Erica.

    • It’s always great to discover some new free fonts! I would love it if this became a recurring feature :) Thanks for this!

    • This post is so useful – thank you for sharing! I’m liking “Blanch,” it looks retro to me. :)

    • Anonymous

      Just fyi, you mis-spelled ‘height’ in the Blanch tagline.

    • Hi! This is absolutely amazing and I love the font choices. I do however have a novice question for you .. how can we use these on our own sites? Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    • Hi Jenny! You’re going to have to know some basic HTML/CSS and learn how to implement @font-face. Services like Typekit will help you implement it as well (although I’ve never personally used them!). Hope that helps :)

    • Thanks, Kelsey! I’ll have to give it a go around and see. :)

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