• why i declined my ultrasounds.

    05.23.2012 / personal, pregnancy


    Hi friends! Hope you’re enjoying a week filled to the brim with The Ultimate Registry! I wanted to pop in to share a super honest post I wrote over on Babble Voices this week – Why I’m Not Having a Diagnostic Ultrasound.

    Have any of you mamas had similar experiences, and how did you decide how to proceed? I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice – it’s all such unchartered territory!

    • Erin,

      It’s so wonderful when Moms make CHOICES! Whether or not everyone agrees, or makes the same choice, we should all rejoice in the simple fact that a mom who is educated, and who speaks up is the best kind of Mama.


    • Very brave of you to share this post with us. I totally hear you and understand you are not doing the diagnostic ultrasound, but I thank someone above every day for the fact that we are able to do these ultrasounds. In my case it was very helpful and probably life-saving for my baby boy Kiet…. just felt I had to let you know :)
      Enjoy this special time in your life and we all are waiting to see the little girl coming to this world. xxirene

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