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    06.22.2012 / personal, pregnancy

    Just popping in tonight to share with you our latest episode in my pregnancy story: Unnecessary Diagnostic Testing. This one’s a touchy subject for many, and I’d love to have you folks weigh in. How did you all choose which tests to accept and which to decline? Here’s our story

    prepping for baby video series

    I hope I did this topic justice and explained our perspective clearly, as it’s sometimes really hard to do when faced with such a controversial issue. I’ve talked about our declining of diagnostic ultrasounds here, so if you’d like to read more about why we made the decisions we did, definitely head over there for the bigger picture.

    And thank you tremendously for your support. Your kind emails and comments on my Babble post were so appreciated! Happy weekend, friends.

    • Great video. I – mostly – agree with you. I declined ultrasounds for many of the same reasons. But, the point where I feel differently is that I also did not want to expose my body or my baby to any unnecessary risks related to ultrasound technology. This is why I also declined non-diagnostic (gender or keepsake related) ultrasounds.

      Here’s some quick info that guided my decision:

      Anyway, we’re all doing the best we can, aren’t we?

      • KH – Great point! I just discovered some of the scary ultrasound risks, and I completely agree with your perspective! And yes – we’re definitely doing the best we can. Well said. :)

    • Elizabeth

      I think it really depends on what a family would choose to do with the information from testing. It would cause me a great deal more anxiety to not be prepared for a special needs child than it would to deal with a false positive. As an older pregnant woman, I did opt for prenatal testing because of the statistical odds of chromosomal abnormalities. My mother, when pregnant at the same age, did not.

      • You’re so right, Elizabeth! It’s all a matter of what works for you as a family. :)

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