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    07.06.2012 / personal, pregnancy

    changing your birth plan

    At nearly 30 weeks, I changed my birth plan from a hospital delivery to a home birth. It was a decision I had never expected to make, but one that I am so crazy comfortable with after doing loads of research and finding a midwife that I trust 100%. I’ll be honest – changing your plan nearly 3/4 of the way through your pregnancy can be unnerving, but it was a must for me. I’m sharing my story in our latest Mom.me episode and would love to hear your stories, as well…

    Did you change your birth plan? Did you guys consider alternative birthing situations, and what were your experiences? And how awesome is it that we can all choose the right path for us? We’re lucky indeed.

    Happy Friday!

    • I’m a long time reader, but new commenter…I just couldn’t help myself this time :)

      I am an RN and DONA doula and self-proclaimed birth junkie. Birth is the most incredible process. You will totally rock it. I strongly recommend getting a birth ball and have a list of birth affirmations to have someone read over you/read over yourself.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any questions I could answer!

      • Oh thank you so much, sweet Shelby! I’ve got the birthing ball, but affirmations are a FANTASTIC idea. I’m on it! Wish me luck; I can’t wait to share the birth story with you! :)

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