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  • MAKEKIND 22.

    08.30.2012 / Miscellaneous

    Any plans for the long weekend? I’m planning a little get together to soak up every last bit of summer and to celebrate my mister’s birthday. In preparation for our guests, I added a splash of paint and pattern to some dull folding chairs. Who says functional can’t be fun? Here’s a peek at the transformation…

    MATERIALS //  folding chair, screwdriver, drop cloth, spray paint (2 cans per chair), fabric (20″ x 20″ piece per chair), scissors, staple gun and staples

    STEPS  // 01 REMOVE EXISTING CUSHION  Using screwdriver, remove existing cushion from chair frame and set aside.

    02 PAINT CHAIR //  In well-ventilated area, place chair on drop cloth and wipe down with damp towel. Using slow side-to-side movements, apply two thin coats of spray paint (refer to paint can instructions for drying time between coats). Let chair dry overnight. Tip: If chair is dark color or smooth finish, apply primer before painting with desired color.

    03 RECOVER EXISTING CUSHION //  Lay out new fabric and place seat cushion face down. Trim fabric along edge of cushion (approximately 3″ from edge). Once cut, attach fabric using staple gun. Begin by stapling at the center of each side and then at the corners. Tip: If using a patterned fabric, be sure to align to your liking prior to stapling.

    04 ASSEMBLE CHAIR //  Once chair is dry, assemble with new cushion and begin using!

    [photos by Christine for Design For Mankind]

    • Ellen

      This is awesome!! I totally have an extremely boring (and slightly ugly) folding chair and now I have a plan of attack!

    • I totally dig this!!!!

    • Katie

      What type of Krylon spray paint did you use, also what color? Love this!

    • I adore this–thanks for sharing

    • So cute!! Love how this turned out!

    • Thank you sweet ladies! @Katie-I used Krylon’s Indoor/Outdoor paint in the Coral Isle, gloss finish (it doesn’t apply glossy however).

    • Barb

      Love this idea. My 37 year old chairs (rec’d as a wedding present) need and update!

    • OMG Barb! Mine were a wedding present too (from my mother none the less and only 8.5 years old). ;) Congrats on 37 years!!

    • Abbie

      OMGosh! I thought I was the only one still using 35+ wedding gift folding chairs. I cant wait to do this update. I might even tackle the table, too.

    • best diy i have seen in awhile! thx!

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