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    10.04.2012 / Miscellaneous



    1. Painter, Lily Stockman, runs the amazing bigBang Studio.¬† Lily’s writing is just as delicious as her beautiful photographs and adventures (including a recent trip to Iceland and new paintings!)

    2. I’m following the Beaver Brook project with absolute awe (and a tiny spot of jealousy) as these artists dream up and materialize off-the-grid cabins in beautiful upstate New York.

    3. Painter, Lauren Spencer-King’s, The Sphinx and the Milkyway, is full of the best kind of inspiration. Alongside beautiful art, books, and intellectually stimulating material, we find Lauren’s generously honest and spirit-nourishing posts.

    And now I’m off to dream about building my dream home in the woods and painting the days away with my children. ¬†Anyone with us?

    • lauren

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for your super sweet words and for mentioning me and my blog in your post! :) MADE MY DAY!! sending sunshine – L

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