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    daily notes notebook

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    10.09.2012 / things

    daily notes notebook

    I have this weird thing about notebooks. If it’s too pretty, I’m scared to mess it up by using it, so I have stacks of untouched (beautiful) notebooks. It’s a vicious addiction. An addiction I’d be happy to feed with this pretty little thing.


    • Ha! I do the same thing…

    • I’m exactly the same way! So many notebooks unused…such a shame

    • Jessica

      Same here….just went through my stack last week & not sure what to do about all those beautiful blank pages as I can’t seem to keep up with writing regular journal entries!

    • I do the same thing!! I also tend to buy vintage notebooks that I don’t want to “ruin” by writing in them. So silly. I’m glad I’m not alone though :)

    • I do the exact same thing! I just pile up unused beautiful notebooks.

    • I have the same problem xD Sometimes i just leaf through the beautiful blank pages for minutes at a time pondering what it would be like to have words worthy of those pages

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