As a new mom to a sweet (but oh so cranky!) 2-month old, a full night’s sleep is a thing of the past. BUT, when I do catch a few cat naps throughout the day, I always retire to my bedroom instead of the oh-so-convenient couch. Because I am 100%, head-over-heels in mad love with my bed…

In fact, I used to love traveling because I’d get to sprawl in a massive, comfy bed and crisp, clean hotel sheets. But now that I have a Sleep Number (remember?), no other bed compares (that totally sounds like a testimonial, but I swear it’s true). It’s a love affair, I tell you. And in honor of the love I have for my bed, bedroom and all things zzz-related (can you tell I’m craving sleep?!), I’m throwing a Twitter party next week with my friends at Sleep Number. Join me? Because if you can’t nap, the next best thing is talking about naps:

Sleep Better chat (Wed, Oct 10th): 2pm CT on Twitter / Facebook (Hashtag #sleepnumber)

Meet me there and you might be the lucky gal or guy that wins a free Sleep Number bed of their own. No joking. Best. Prize. Ever. See you then! (sponsored)

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