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    11.07.2012 / things

    Hey look! It’s November. That’s pretty funny, 2012. I’m totally going to write you a speeding ticket. OK, a written warning, but only because I really like your hair that way.

    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be compiling a few rad gift suggestions for all of the lucky recipients in your life this holiday season and it’s only fitting that I kick things off with my main squeeze: Art. I think art moves and shakes the world, and I dare you to try to find a person in your life that you can’t give art to. (Except for your landlord. Landlords hate art. It’s in the bylaws.) So in the spirit of gift-giving, here are a few of my favorite prints, photographs and pieces that would look killer under the trees of my own friends and fam:

    art gift guide

    1. For your wanderlusty graphic designer that dreams of living on Castro St while he kerns letters in his sister’s basement in Ohio: Harold John Brothers’ ‘Russian Hill, San Francisco’ at Art.com ($24.99)

    2. For your rose-colored-glasses-wearing neighbor welcoming her first child, Pearl, in January: The Lepola’s ‘Your Oyster’ at The Calm Gallery ($28.63)

    3. For your favorite blogger, for no other reason than bloggers seem to have a thing for cats: Jon Bertelli’s ‘Curiosity’ at Art.com ($53.99)

    4. For your former college roommate to commemorate the Saturdays spent reading the funnies in our undies: Louis Faurer’s ‘Vogue February 1963’ at Art.com ($109)

    5. For your adventurous cousin that moved to Venice on a whim and never leaves home without her trusty red lipstick: Leombruno-Bodi’s ‘Vogue August 1954’ at Art.com ($95)

    6. For your mother who tirelessly raised three girls and taught them to pray before turning out the lights: Norman Rockwell’s ‘Day in the Life of a Girl’ at Art.com ($49.99)

    7. For your sort-of OCD father that hates mowing the lawn but secretly loves it for feeding his martyr complex: Todd McLellan’s ‘Old Push Lawn Mower’ at 20×200 ($24)

    8. For your foodie friend that can’t stop using emoticons and abbreviations in your everyday conversations: David Schwen’s ‘What the F*rk?’ at Society6 ($20)

    9. For your 11th grade nephew who heard that girls think astrology is hot: Alex Beeching’s ‘The Constellation of the Bears’ at Mammoth & Company ($20)

    10. For the grandmother who insists you re-decorate her kitchen, but can’t bear to part with her collection of doily memorabilia: Claire Nereim’s ‘Summer Fruit’ at Little Paper Planes ($50)

    This post was sponsored by Art.com. Thanks for being completely rad, friends.

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