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    11.20.2012 / things


    This week’s gift guide is for your favorite lady friend – the gal who’s number two on your speed dial, hates microwaved popcorn and never makes fun of you for pronouncing “niche” the way you do:

    1. Because she puts basil in everything she cooks: Garden-in-a-Bag Herb Collection ($9.05)
    2. Because she’s still wearing that velour thing: Organic Striped Robe ($45.99)
    3. Because she needs a portable coffee maker to visit the anti-caffeine in-laws: 4-cup Coffee Press ($22.99)
    4. Because she keeps stealing your pair: Modesta Glitter Flats ($34.59)
    5. Because this color will look smashing with her skin tone: Dior Vernis ‘Ivory’ Nail Polish ($16.99)
    6. Because she’ll never splurge on luxury towels: 6-piece Towel Set ($49.99)
    7. Because she downward dogs daily and it’s starting to smell: Yoga Mat Cleaner ($24.99)
    8. Because her daughter used the last set as paintbrushes: Vegan Bamboo Brush Set ($24.49)
    9. Because you’re secretly hoping she’ll make you her gourmet buffalo cheese dip: Rachael Ray Stoneware Bakers ($23.53)
    10. Because she always wins euchre: King Card Decorative Pillow ($31.19)

    This post was sponsored by Overstock.com. Thanks for being completely rad, friends.

    • Love the garden in the bag.

      Also love the euchre reference. Nobody plays that (or 500) in Texas. Sadness. Can’t wait to get back Iowa for the holidays for some good old fashion card playin.

    • I do put basil in everything i cook! How did you know? Such a cute gift guide.

    • I love the herbs and the yoga mat cleaner (how did I not know about this?!) but most of all I love that Overstock has international shipping!

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