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    denim shirt book

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    striped tee book

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    striped shirt book notes

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    11.19.2012 / people

    striped shirt book notes

    Suzanne Bonanno created a book of scanned items from her closet, each page containing notes about what happened when she wore that particular article of clothing. Fascinating, right? I constantly remember moments not by what was happening, but by what I was wearing. (First kiss = short-sleeved sweater, heart pendant and khaki pants!)

    striped tee book

    What a smart way to document your life! Perhaps it’s time I invest in a massive scanner.

    denim shirt book

    Do you remember your life in the same way? Outfits, rather than moments? Or am I completely nuts?


    • YES, and I usually can remember what the other people around me were wearing.

    • So funny, I never thought about this at all! But now that I do, I can tell you with absolute certainty what I was wearing on my first date with my (now) husband, over 12 years ago, and I also remember very well what I wore to my father’s funeral. All other outfits have blurred into oblivion, but those seem to have really stuck with me.

      • Isn’t it so odd??? I can remember SO far back!!

    • Yes!
      That is SUCH a great idea!
      Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, I can totally relate to this! I am always amazed by how I can remember certain outfits – and not even special occasions! It definitely makes it easier to avoid repeating outfits, though, if I’m seeing the same people again… :-)

    • paula

      Im with callie in this one, although, being a fashion designer myself is probably ridikulus to point it out, haha.
      in fact THIS is my way to remember, cos im terrible with time and numbers! so specific dates turn into what was i wearing? color? cut? what were other people wearing? and from that, i guess years month and stuff. i know, border-line crazy!!

    • I believe clothing is uniquely tied to memory. It’s amazing that when you want to relive a moment, one of the first things that comes to mind is what you were wearing or what another person in that memory wore.

      As a fashion historian, when people donate their clothing or their loved one’s clothing to me for safe keeping, they so often are compelled to share stories prompted by the clothing. It’s such an honor to get to hear them.

      • Ahhhh I love this! And isn’t it funny how EVERYTHING has a story?

    • This is a fantastic idea! I think because i’m such a visual person, that i remember the items of clothing i wore and what happened in them more than most people. I get so sentimental about giving away or getting rid of clothes but this sounds like a good idea as a way to carry on the memory of those pieces. I just MIGHT have to start doing something similar… Great find!

      • Thanks, Molly – I think this would make such a fun project to do! Or even a great gift for anyone you might have closet access to! ;)

    • serena

      i remember what i was wearing for all important memories. and something i remember nothing but what i was wearing. I grew up to be a fashion designer.

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