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    the rebirth of slow blogging (and a new direction).

    12.20.2012 / WORK


    “If you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down. For me, slowing down has been a tremendous source of creativity. It has allowed me to open up — to know that there’s life under the earth and that I have to let it come through me in a new way. Creativity exists in the present moment. You can’t find it anywhere else.”
    -Natalie Goldberg

     I’ve shared before my history of blogging – how it began in 2001, the early days before social media and platforms and curation and all the catch phrases that often appear in our inboxes each morning, promising endless Internet fame. And it’s funny how I can look back and see emerging themes and thought processes for every year I’ve been blogging. I hadn’t realized how much this blog has changed until I look at this post in chronological order. And I see it so clearly, the evolution of it all.

    And if this is true, if I continually re-invent myself in some small way each year (whether intentionally or not), then I want 2013 to do the same. And in 2013, I want my blog to come full circle. I want to return Design for Mankind to its roots: of thought, of thoughtfulness.

    We live in a world of more; this much is obvious. More things, more information. More time-saving tricks we use to find the time to uncover even more time-saving tricks. We live in a world of Pinterest, where visual images shoot out like firehoses of pretty, manifesting themselves in the parts of our brain we reserve for planning elaborate feasts and fetes. We have hundreds of RSS subscriptions to blogs creating amazing tablescapes and Halloween costumes and DIY floor lamps. And we take it all in, bookmarking each project for future use when “someday” is finally today.

    Yet friends, I fear that someday will never come. Because there will continually be more to do, to see, to buy. And our someday file will slowly become outdated with a new sea of ideas and thoughts promising to fulfill our lives in ways we never dreamed possible.

    I want less. I want less for this site; I want less for my life. I want to return to the days when I didn’t feel the need to “keep up” with the Internet. Where less truly was more, where editorial calendars didn’t exist and the words “I should totally blog this” were never uttered.

    I miss the days when blogging itself was my muse. When the simple act of sharing something I stumbled upon was the joy itself, rather than a frenzied race to click link after link in hopes that I’ll have discovered something truly amazing.

    There is more noise, and my ears are tired.

    This year, one of my personal resolutions is to live a slower, more thoughtful (meaningful?) life. Less travel, more adventure. Less work, more challenges. And I need this to translate into all areas of my life: Less blogging, more learning. Less links, more inspiration. Less projects, more processes.

    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking time off to enjoy my family, friends and this beautiful holiday season. And when I return in 2013, a new Design for Mankind will be greeting us.

    I encourage you to add the site to your RSS feed, as posts will be much more infrequent in this coming year. Instead, they’ll be more heavily curated and story-driven, harking back to my first love: writing. And I am thrilled.

    I can’t wait for you to come along. Much love to each of you this holiday season; I wish you many moments of slowness.

    Erin Loechner



    • Bonnie

      Wonderful and beautiful.

    • You have every ounce of my support, love and encouragement, Erin. I really admire you for making this decision, and it makes me really excited for what’s to come. xoxox

    • Hmmm… I wonder if this is what the Mayans meant when they predicted the end of an era. Maybe we’re going to be tilting back towards slowing down and resting. I say this because I’ve been contemplating my word for 2013, and I think it will be “breathe”. :-)

    • yes! this was one of the best things you told me way back when. lovely! this is lovely. you’re lovely. as the british say, ‘good show’! happy holidays, erin.

    • Erin, this is so super fantastic. It’s inspiring to see bloggers forging their own paths and not just doing “what everyone else is doing”. “Less projects, more processes” may become my mantra for 2013.

      I wrote a simialr-ish post earlier this year. I’ve slowed down my blogging, but I’m still working on creating more. :) http://www.lesleymyrick.com/2012/03/doing-my-own-thing.html

    • Thanks for voicing your new (old?) direction!

      I am writing on my second blog now; my first having been an expat blog that despite being post-less since the summer recieves 10x the pageviews my current little site does. And you know what, I’m totally ok with it. I may be a bit naive to the blogging community as it exists today, but I’m happy to inhabit a small space that doesn’t have to worry about post-frequency/sponsoships/post series….
      Back to basics – I love it!

    • So, so very thrilled to hear this is resonating for so many of you. As someone just tweeted me: “Blogging less means living more.” Amen!

    • Lovely post and sentiment. I’ve had moments this year (my first year of blogging!) when I’ve felt completely burnt out trying to keep up. Keep up with blogging. Keep up with reading blogs. Keep up with creating original content. Phew!

      No matter what it is, when it feels like a chore, it’s time to slow down and pull back and regroup. Like you are doing – going back to what it is that got you excited about blogging in the first place.

      Live first, then blog.

    • It’s so funny and amazing that you posted this today. I was just having an argument myself this morning about this very thing. I feel like I HAVE to post every day (or every weekday at least), even if I have nothing to say. More often than not, the result is crap that I’m not proud of. Crap that isn’t the reason I started blogging in the first place. The writing is.

      It’s nice to know that someone who blogs on a much bigger scale than I do faces the same predicament. You have definitely inspired me to step back and breathe it all in more.

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