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    Operation Food Fight

    02.27.2013 / ARCHIVES

    flour fight

    I’ve always wanted to organize a ridiculous food fight in a nearby park during those dog days of summer when you’re feeling antsy and there’s nothing great on TV. But I’m too thinky and analytical and I often find myself picking apart all of the details – How can we drive home without making a mess of our car? and What happens if I get yogurt in my eye? and What is the proper footwear to don for a food fight? The list goes on, and the secret is out: I’m an over-analytical basket case.

    Still, the idea thrills me to no end, so today I’m hoping to inspire myself by documenting ten of the greatest food fights that ever existed. Also, I want to hear your food fight stories, whether within the walls of the high school cafeteria or a Vegas misadventure. Spill it (pun).

    In Spain, locals ban together to cast meringues in Catalonia, chuck tomatoes in Bunol and toss flour and eggs in Ibi.

    In Italy, Medieval costumers throw 400 tons of oranges at each other (ouch).

    In the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, residents launch grapes.

    In England, Charlie Chaplin fans catapult custards.

    In Greece, festivalgoers fling colored flour.

    In Colorado, tourists toss fruitcakes.

    In Berlin, “warriors” lob everything from salted herring to rotten food.

    And in California, locals scatter 600 pounds of marshmallows.

    And with that, I’m off to raid my pantry.

    Image Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images

    Just for fun: Embroidered fish, candy hats and tomorrow’s meat.

    p.s. I just remembered! I have thrown a food fight! My 8th grade home ec partner and I failed a project in school because we poured bags of flour over each other’s heads. I remember promptly getting hives at the very thought of telling my parents. (Or maybe it was little more than a bad reaction to flour – who knows?)

    • I. Want. This. please invite me. Also, please let this be in SF.

    • There is something liberating about a foodfight-so long as you don’t have to clean up!

      xo green gable

    • Ok. My OCD makes me terrified of food fights. When I see them on tv, I just wonder why. Doesn’t that make me sound uptight? I would totally participate in a ice cream sunday or other dessert themed food fight, though! You are so original, Erin. xoxo

      • @Chelsea – Ha, I always wondered why, too! If you’re uptight, I’m right there with you. ;)

    • Oh…the sweet splatter of yogurt, jello, spaghetti,etc. Then cute mini things that will stick in the goo like marshmallows, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

      Planning this in the desert with goggles and earplugs :)

    • This is really bizarre to admit but I once got in a jellyfish fight. Not the stinging kind but the clear blobby kind that wash up on the beach. Is that awful? It was so fun though!

    • Sadie Struss

      I can’t imagine using food in this way when so many go hungry.

      • Such a valid point, Sadie. I’m saddened that this didn’t even cross my mind. :(

    • Alicia

      My cousin and i got into an arguemnt at a late night summer pool party once. He poured sprite over my head and i attacked him with the coke bottle. Although a pool party by that late hour it was roo cold to jump in and soak out the pop. It remained in my hair till the next morning and felt disgusting.
      Food fights always look awesome in movies but….in real life i think im on the same page as you!

    • Stephanie

      I’m looking to host a food fight where I live, but trying to find a place to do it is hard. We were thinking of an empty warehouse that could be washed off afterwards. That’s just one detail of this every growing project…My mind went crazy with the possibility of turning it into a charity event. Charge a cover at the door and only use food that is about to be thrown out (old lettuce, soft tomatoes, things like that). Any ideas of where to start with an adventure like this??

      • That is an AMAZING idea!!! I’d start by contacting local food stores and restaurants (I think Panera donates their bread?) and see if they’d like to partner?

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