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    The Wisdom of Six-Year Olds

    02.19.2013 / ARCHIVES, inspiration

    the scared is scared

    “If something feels like it’s closing, you should just say, ‘OK, I’m fine.’ You should just let it go and think of … you just think of something else.” -Asa Baker-Rouse, age 6

    As the wife of a film editor, I’m often thinking of fun projects Ken and I can work on together as Bee gets older. (The family that films together stays together, yes?) Seattle-based film producer Bianca Giaever had a similar idea, it seems, and what began as a six-year-old’s quirky tale of two animals slowly unlocked an important life lesson to remember for years to come. Watch the 8-minute video below:

    Kids are magical, aren’t they?

    p.s. If you love watching inspiring videos of kids+families, might I suggest Gabby’s Olive Us series or Small Fry’s daily mamahood feature? And, of course, Kid President. Happy viewing!
    p.p.s. The slow pace of the film is perfect for watching with your littles (and reminds me a bit of Ruby’s Studio!).

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