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    erin loechner dining room

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  • erin loechner dining room

    erin loechner dining room

  • erin loechner dining room

    erin loechner dining room

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    erin loechner home

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    05.02.2013 / WORK

    erin loechner home

    Ever since I took a hiatus from our HGTV.com show, I’ve missed the rush of planning daily projects, weekly photo shoots and non-stop filming of our home. Most of the time. But then there are the days when I get to enjoy the space Ken and I have created – for no other reason than the fact that we built it together. We crafted this home during an incredibly tumultuous time of our lives, full of cross-country moves and dying parents and first-time pregnancies (for one of us, at least). And, to me, that’s a far greater feat than a before and after picture could illustrate.

    erin loechner dining room

    Still, there’s an undeniable motivator when documenting the process of a renovation, and there’s nothing like a deadline to force you to finish sanding that dining room table or paint the bedroom trim. (For the rest? There’s always Photoshop!) And with a baby roaming around the house, we haven’t necessarily felt a need for productivity. Until.


    Joss and Main emailed me this spring to curate a collection of products for them, and because curating and collecting are two of my favorite things, I jumped at the chance. But of course, there was a catch: the collection would be inspired by my own home. The items I love and use and wake up to each morning. It seems rather daunting, right?


    Don’t get me wrong – I love my home. It’s cozy and comfortable and minimal and perfectly monochromatic (except for my office, where playtime ensues). And it was renovated with love. There are white paint splatters on the hardwood floor – a sign of a rushed job or a late night or probably a combination of both. Our bathroom faucet skews left; the shower faucet right. There are stories between every stud, tales of drywall snares and siding mishaps and deadlines missed. And it’s perfect.


    For me. But sometimes, anxiety gets the best of us. We see airbrushed photos of people and homes and lifestyles and start to think that our own four walls don’t quite measure up. That the stories that make up our lives don’t justify the paint splatters and dust bunnies and off-centered faucets. And we freeze or choke or – possibly worse – silence our voice entirely. I’ve done this. Multiple times. (I once deleted a tutorial on building a dining room table because the “before” photo wasn’t pretty enough. The before photo. I’m going to let that sink in for you.)


    No more. I said yes to Joss and Main, and I’m saying yes to myself. My home isn’t perfect, but it is loved – the before, the after and the during.

    Image Credits: My dear Husband

    p.s. The curator collection for Joss and Main goes live Sunday, but you can preview a few pieces I’ve selected by checking out the calendar after you sign in (invite here!). I hope you find something meaningful to add to your well-loved home, too.
    p.p.s. This is not a sponsored post.

    • This.is.gorgeous. Your eye for design is perfect, and I (and everyone else, I’m sure) are so grateful you said yes to Joss and Main. xoxo.

    • Koseli

      So, so beautiful! A home should reflect its inhabitants and I can feel that your house does. I love that so much.

      • I’m so happy to hear that, Kos – come visit anytime! :)

    • Unsurprisingly beautiful. Thanks for the peek inside!

      • Thanks so much, sweet Gregory! Hope you’re well! :)

    • Stunning, stunning, stunning…in every way. you rock my world friend!

      • Oh, I miss you, dear Joslyn! Thank you so much – this means the world coming from your impeccable eye! :)

    • Beautiful and inspiring space!

    • Do not doubt. This is sublime yumminess!

      • Ah, thank you, Alex. We’re our own worst critics, yes?

    • So basically I want you and Ken to make a trip to Seattle and remodel my condo! :) I LOVE your home! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • You have nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just perfect!

    • It’s beautiful Erin. I love how light-filled the monochromatic color scheme makes it. My husband veto’s anything lighter than a medium grey, so no bright white for me :(

      • Thank you, Oami! And ha – it’s taken my husband some getting used to, that’s for sure! :)

    • [email protected]

      A great house :)

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