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    The King Of Masking Tape

    05.15.2013 / ART + DESIGN

    masking tape art 4
    I’m a creature of habit, meaning I’ve been wrapping gifts in the same mega roll of brown kraft paper for years now. I’m also non-crafty, so any mistakes I make are promptly covered up with the vibrant patterns and hues of Japanese masking tape. And it’s inevitable – I break open my stash to wrap one gift and suddenly, the tape beckons me and I’ve covered everything in it: my inspiration board, my sunglasses, my shoes. My dog. And after seeing the work of art director Koji Iyama, I have a feeling we’d get along famously.

    masking tape art 5

    For over a decade, Koji has been making the world a more beautiful place through his graphic design and art installations, but his most recent collaboration with MT (the official mecca for Japanese masking tape) is taking the cake. (The very colorful, patterned, taped-to-the-nines cake, that is.)

    masking tape art

    From store openings to kids’ workshops, Koji has taped his way through Japan and beyond, infusing surprising shades and textures wherever he lands.

    masking tape art 2

    Even Hiroshima’s main train station bears Koji’s fingerprints, covered in candy-coated color for commuting delight.

    masking tape art 7

    Bikes, cars, storefronts – nothing is exempt from Koji’s sticky, crazy-talented hands.

    masking tape art

    And it’s a perfect picture, isn’t it? How the mark of one human and his signature tool can spread so much joy into the world, painting a brighter story with each layer of creative purpose.

    Image Credits: Koji Iyama

    p.s. Masking tape art from Kees Goudzwaar.

    • Amanda

      Such a cool concept! Plus, the colors are absolutely gorgeous!


    • Oh my god, I am completely smitten with this.

      Also, girl – you’re totes crafty. Own it.

    • Love the art of masking tape. There’s a few artists that do awesome tape graffiti work as well with creating stop motion using tape. Investigate if you’re curious. :)

    • Koseli Cummings

      Ahh! I love it. This makes me so happy. I’m craving color like crazy these days.

    • Yep. “Brown paper packages tied up with string”, is an exact description of how I have wrapped presents for, oh I dunno, a couple of decades now. :) And I still have NEVER even bought washi tape. I am so behind. But I will catch up, I will, I will.

      • Careful – it’s a bit of a gateway craft supply. ;)

    • Yes, yes, yes, so loooove masking tape and it’s ability to make anything instantly beautiful and popping with color. And love the work of Koji Iyama, who definitly takes that to another level!!

    • He just spreads happiness with that tape! Totally in love and smiling. xo

    • Ahh! I love this! So fitting that I just took a break from cutting triangles out of my roll of giant gold MT tape to put in my baby boy’s nursery, only to find these gorgeous images!

    • fantastic i really love this post

    • This is pretty fantastic. I want to incorporate this in my daily life.

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